Google AMP

What Is Google AMP Used For Online?

There is a new way of viewing webpages with your mobile phone which is called Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is known as AMP. This was developed as a result of the problems that many people have when trying to load regular websites due to how slow it can be. Much of the problem involves the use of JavaScript which uses quite a bit of memory. Additionally, it was also designed by people that are interested in approaching mobile users with products and services that they offer. Here are some of the benefits associated with Google AMP, and some of the drawbacks that you need to consider.

How AMP Works

AMP is able to work because it uses a slightly different way of presenting content, one that is free from JavaScript. As a result, it will load faster and pages that are actually designated as AMP pages will get preference on the search engines. The combination of loading faster, and getting higher rankings, has prompted many people to start transitioning their websites to this much faster way of presenting content. This is important because so many people are using mobile phones, and if they are not happy with waiting for your pages to load, you could actually lose sales.

Why Is AMP Useful?

It is useful for three specific reasons other than the two that have been mentioned. Yes it does load faster, and eliminates bulky JavaScript, but there are other reasons that people prefer this. For example, if you are using Twitter to look at an AMP article, it will load extremely fast on the Twitter browser. Second, it will allow publishers to produce more content quickly, or at least motivate them to do so, because they know that they will be ranked even faster. Finally, it is beneficial for anyone that is targeting mobile users for a wide variety of products. It is easy to scroll through all of the AMP articles which will be at the top of the Google search engine results, giving you a better chance of selling more of your products.

Is It Easy To Install?

It is easy to install if you have Word Press on your blog. You simply load the plug-in which will allow you to post content on the AMP platform. Once you start doing this regularly, you will have hundreds of pages that would be listed at the top of Google, especially if you are targeting longtail keywords. It’s even better for local listings because all you are providing our names and phone numbers for businesses.

Now that you have a basic overview of how AMP works and why it is important, you should consider using this regularly. You should be able to rank a multitude of pages, drawing more people to your website because they will find you very easily on the Google search engine. Best of all, it works just the same as a regular WordPress post with the exception of the programming. It will simply help you rank things faster, and much more easily, which is helpful for all businesses.